Pallas Athena: Warrior Goddess and the Manipulation of Systematic Projection

In reality, I am a shy and socially terrified introvert with very low self esteem... but I overcome my fears by pretending to be what I am not. The determined and confident, outspoken pioneer is just a mirage.. though it is one I think I can project relatively well. This projection of the image I desire is how I overcome my fear and in effect become said desire manifested. In overcoming the fears we hold within ourselves, and manipulating the presentation of ourselves to the outer commune, we in turn become perceived as powerful entities by those in our collective.

I have the asteroid Pallas exactly opposing my Pluto/Black Moon Lilith/MC.. the balancing act of self manipulated determination with my deepest inner strength and coercive persuasion projected outwardly upon the world is only bounded by my ability to maintain the circuit which extends to a confused connection with my emotional self (injunct moon) but also a quantitative ability to manipulate the illusion (trine Mars/Neptune 12H)

Pallas Athena shows ones ability to recognize, arrange and reconfigure patterns.. but in mythology she was a warrior goddess who adopted physical traits of men to achieve what she desired among their ranks as a commander over the field of battle. Her influence over Mars has always been one that justifies force and reasons dominance. She is a creative persona, and one to be reckoned with as well.

 I write about this as part of the energy I am mustering to maintain myself at the front lines of my grandfathers home. The war is now in full swing between sides of the family and what each wants of my patriarch. I have been chosen to defend him as well as keep watch over him... This is not a charge I feel myself ready for, but I have already foreseen the battles to come and feel the need to prepare myself. This is something that everyone can utilize under the coming t-squares and grand crosses of the next half year..... Pull your strength from manifesting that which you are not, and you will manifest more than you ever thought your soul capable. Heavens give me strength -'cuz I'll totally F a b#tch up if I need to.

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