Want vs. Need

want is easy…  just list your fantasies

need is another story.

I have previously brought up the idea of Venus being what we want, and Saturn being what we need because they are very different things that have to work together to function…  the way I see it, this is the root of Saturn/Venus.
How do we reconcile what we want with what we need..  ?

very carefully and with much introspection.

what a person needs depends on where they are in their journey..  What lessons have already been learned?  What lessons have yet to be learned? 

this is a very deep strain of self exploration that requires full objectivity and acute reasoning ability.  It has to be a psychological process where the individual steps beyond their self to better view the situation.

I recently met an astrologer who has done work with Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  She explained to me that one part of the NLP could be an exercise where a person is asked to first draw a circle around them..  they stand in the middle of the circle and visualize 4 people on the circle.  The person in front of them is their reflection, seen without bias.  To their left stands the personification of their self as a child.  To the right, their self at the end of life.  Behind them is a wise and omniscient sage.
When a problem arises within the individuals psychological construct, they are instructed to bring up this image of the 4 personas about them, and ask each the same question…

In this case:  what do I need? 

ask yourself as a child, then as a reflection of now, and then as a senior..  then turn to the all knowing sage and again.  each will give a different answer.  but each answer is from within – objectively.
it sounds like an incredible exercise in personal development.  I have not tried it yet myself as I want to do more research on the topic, but i can imagine one of the major necessities is the ability to remain completely objective. 
and that's what it comes down to…

want is the product of a subjectively interior consciousness
need is the result of an objectively exterior perception

once each vantage is established, then comes the work of making those two factions work together.  This is reconciling differences.. which is also building upon strengths, and allowing for compromise.

What do you want?  Which of those wants is most important, and which is negotiable?

What do you need?  Which needs exist to propel you forward, and which exist as a crutch?

kick out the crutches and let loose the unimportant.  

How can your most important desire work in a beneficial way with that which you require to move ahead?

…this really doesn't even get close to achieving one's goals…..  this is just the foundation.  but without a good foundation, none of us will ever get anywhere. 

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