Full Moon conjunct Procyon - January 2014

The coming full moon in Cancer falls within a few minutes of the fixed star Procyon.  Though we are currently dealing with a swath of difficult energy as square aspects ring the chart between Pluto and Uranus and Jupiter and Mars and Venus, the Sun and Moon lay just beyond the conflict.  Saturns influence is the most positive of the chart, and the lessons illuminated by this moon will be both pro found and long lasting. 

I always take note of cosmic sparks that align with the fixed stars.  The orbs for such alignments must be extremely acute for any significance to be drawn, but it is this acuteness that gives them power.  

Procyon is said to signify physical fortitude and mental acuteness. The alpha star of Canis Minor, Procyon is thought to elevate activity to a point of possible disaster or violence when left unchecked. The star, along with the "Lesser Dog" constellation, is associated with drowning in grief, actual physical drowning, and hydrophobia as a result. But, on the other hand, Procyon sits at the mouth of the "celestial river" (the milky way), and is known to be a bastion of wealth and renown.  A telling association of how water can both give and take away;  and an accurate assimilation of the stars location in Cancer. 

Rather than exacerbate the action of forward drive, Procyon provides the tools with which action may be manifest. He does not give life to the hunt, but instead affords the weapons enabling the success of pursuit. Though the darker quality of this energy can lead to jealousy, haste and mulish behavior; the higher octave speaks of determination and activating guided intentions.

Shining with both Mercurian and Marsian energy, Procyon represents the balancing act between intellect and impudence, and drive and compulsion. Regardless of this scale, Procyon is overwhelmingly a fortunate character when positively aspected.

When connected with the Moon, there can be restlessness and quarrelsome tendencies if loyalty and fealty are not paramount. When connected with the Sun there can be valiance and preferment, assistance and gifts of legacy as the result of diligence and great sacrifice. Saturn brings his more constructive traits, lending a tone of good judgement and trust, the benefits of inheritance and familial harmony. I think these energies combined will be more than enough to outweigh the tense conflicts of the moment.

Any way we look at it, this will definitely be a powerful moon indeed..

I also think it is worth nothing, that even though Jupiter and the Moon are just out of orb to be conjunct, they are still within sign and close enough to herald a union of energies.  In this instance, I would still venture to say they are conjunct in in this chart - the moon still shining it's last embrace upon the jester before regressing back through it waning cycle.  What makes this idea even more pronounced is the fact that Jupiter is conjunct the fixed star Sirius, one of the most powerful of the fixed stars with many of the same sentiments projected by Procyon, only on and even grander scale.  When a grand scale is accentuated by Jupiter, it is best to take note.  

Along that same vein, The Suns proximity to Venus and Pluto should be reviewed similarly.  Though these two don't lie within the opposition of the full moon, it would be pertinent to at least keep an eye out for the presence of their power.  


If honor is upheld, we will be given the strength and action to make true achievements in the next coming days.  Good luck to everyone, and remember to hold your head up high. 

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