boxer-briefs and lambskin slippers - gearing up for the first MercRx of 2014

the sun was shining today.  though the wind chill dropped temps down to the teens outside, inside the sun came through the window so nice and warm.  i pulled up the recliner and stripped down to soak up some vitamin D

someone actually flagged this photo as containing nudity/pornography on the facialbook.. 

is a picture of me in my underwear really so offensive?  how is this any different than a picture of me sunbathing in shorts by the lake?

the human body need sunlight.  through the winter months we are deprived of the suns nutrients.  I've never dealt well with the lack of sunlight as has been historically clear with each years bought of seasonal depression just about this time of year.  and this is the best way for me to actually combat the feeling that WINTER SUCKS!  especially when the average temps for the past two months have been far below normal, even in the great northeast. 

winter cold rant over, I just can't see how sharing a highly effective self-help technique should be viewed as not suitable for facebook.  but apparently, there is very little left that is appropriate for paranoid whiners.  Maybe someday people will be able to pull the sticks out of their ass over the human body, health and communal knowledge. 

until then, i will definitely watch what i say when pre-shadow/stationing Mercury squares Sarturn. 

mercury has been racing through vocalizing some pretty advanced ideas in the past few weeks as he trines mars in libra from aquarius.  i'm expecting the next few weeks passing through the murkey-wretch will be a lot of pulling back on those voices and attempting to silence ideas. 

the chart here is for the exact moment i posted the photo..  i think it's quite fitting the circumstance. 

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