Saturn vs. Pluto

As most of you know, both Saturn and Pluto are very prominent in my natal chart, but in positive ways (chart ruler Saturn exhalted in Libra, in the 10th house conjunct Venus and Jupiter - Pluto conjunct my MC) but they are also both transiting some intense points (Saturn conjuncting my merRx/Sun - Pluto moving through my first).

I once described pluto as the terrifying creature hiding in a dark corner, a pile of death at his feet, an evil snicker with black blood dripping from his fangs. his eyes are clouded over, limiting sight.. he senses his surroundings on a telepathic level. the sphere of his tomb is charred and black, constantly crumbing and refilling with more ash. He is indiscriminate, with no care for what is right or wrong. His main intention is to forever facilitate destruction and rebirth. Pluto doesn't care what you do, just that the stagnant pile of death collecting at his feet turn into ash and crumble away to feed the new sparks of life that will become the next phase of existence.

Saturn doesn't deal with death and ash.. he controls stone and logic. once the bits of ash have fallen from Pluto, they congeal and re-manifest into malleable tools. The water of life combines and forms the primordial mud we emerge from.  There is no structure, there is no purpose or intent.. it is soup; a conglomerate of possibilities.  When the mud dries, it is Saturn who comes along and builds the constructs we need to engage a full and instructed existence. He cuts bricks from the mud and builds the world we inhabit.. we fill it with life.  If life does not function properly in the space allotted, Saturn will have no qualms about tearing the whole thing down and rebuilding it the right way. Each Saturn cycle is like a floor of a building.. the first 29 years is the foundation. If we can get to that point with a functional and logical base, Saturn will help us begin building the next level. if our foundation is not stable, he will smash it to pieces and make us start again. He is the teacher who lacks heart and encouragement.. either you do it right, or you do it again. But he does so with the justification that incremental process is the most important system we follow.

Ignoring either of these energies will leave a person desolate and lost.  There will be not path towards enlightenment, just a field of mus sucking you down.. there will be no distant end to be reborn from. but that doesn't mean it's not a bitch.

I first got into astrology around my initial Saturn return.. which means he had just passed my moon, clashed with my Jupiter and was also restructuring my Venus self. In this short time I realized the root of my emotional issues; found the world I enjoyed fall to pieces around me because I was not living up to my true potential; and discovered the root of how and why I love, and what it truly is that I find beautiful. At this same time, Pluto was crossing my Ascendant.. who I was died. The person the world thought me to be no longer existed. Then, Saturn crossed my Pluto/MC..... it was not a total deconstruction, but I suddenly became aware of the cracks that still remained deep within myself. I was forced to deal with issues I never even knew existed within me.. and I did so quite publicly.

Now, Saturn is creeping up for his second (final) pass over my Merc/Sun.. (the first pass was literally minutes before Saturn began retrograde). It's not that everything is being completely destroyed again.. I still carry the lessons I learned from Saturn... my foundation still exists..... but we were building the wrong house.  The living space wasn't right.  At this point I am caught in the mulling over phase. Pluto is still exerting his energy.. sucking up the last bits of the discarded plans.  But Saturn has yet to lay down a new set of blueprints.......

It is important to distinguish between these two, especially now as they are working together so closely. If you view them as the same, then you miss out of the cycle they create.

I agree that Saturn is more personal in action, while Pluto seems to be ethereal. Saturns influence is in your face, where Pluto acts under the radar and from afar... but then again, this is how the solar system is set up. Pluto, off in the distance continually sucking away death.. Saturn in the middle, discarding that which is not functional, and rebuilding anew that which sustains.

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