how to get a scorpio heart

catch their eye across a room..  hold that gaze.  now smile.  hold it....  look away.  continue to peruse the social arena with ease (but not agressively).  every once in a while steal another glance, as you slowly work your way through the room getting closer and closer with each passing pleasantry.

then, the final approach..  slip out of view just a couple seconds before contact (you can be sure that if the scorp is interested, they've been eyeing you all night and will notice the sudden absense)  just as you start to see them deflate thinking you've moved on..  swoop in and take them by surprise.  with a coy smile, introduce yourself and make a random comment on the festivities.

conversation will ensue, and you will have to keep it going..  the scorpios mind will be swimming, examining your apearance from head to toe, studying body language, trying to see what kind of twinkle is in your eye..  they won't have the conscious ability to manage an inteligent conversation because there are too many other thoughts taking over (if you're a good kisser, do you cuddle, what is your deepest secret).  but rest assured you have their attention.

now the big hitter:  touch them.  somehow, gently..  on the shoulder as you laugh together (hopefully the scorp will have regained composure enough by this point to alert the commic routine used by all scorps to difuse tense situations)..  the best...  make an excuse to brush something off the scorps face..  "oh, you have something just..  hold still....."  and lightly caress a finger across their blushing cheek.

you're golden..   they will be putty in your hand (or steel if you're gonna go full on scorpio).
before parting, ask for a phone number..  say you would love to see them again, and offer up oppostunities of your availabilty.  when you say goodbye, lean in for a kiss...  make it light, sweet..  but not too short (not too long either..  mouth closed and project some evergy through your lips, the scorp will feel the spark) ..as you pull away, stop and smile gazing directly into their eyes as if trying to see the color of their soul....  they are doing the same thing.  now walk away..  look back once, now keep going.

wait 15 minutes.. then send a txt "very nice" or "i like"  nothing complex, just let them know they didn't flutter out of your mind as soon as you turned the corner.

then, ACTUALLY CALL and make a date.. and you'd better plan something spectacular; they will be expecting it (and might be dissapointed if your "first date" isn't all that memorable)

now that will capture any scorpio..  guaranteed. 

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