stone washed

 i always just considered them jewelry..  pretty to look at, fun to wear.  but as my beliefs on the validity of metaphysical energy have increased, i find myself unable to deny the sheer power behind these pieces of earth.  they live with their own particular vibrational frequency, constantly attracting and emitting energy.  as they react upon my physicality, they also transfer the energies from the surrounding world into me.  and as i've learned, these energies can become stifled and egregious all at once.  wearing any of these stones at that point is like a fifty pound weight pulling down my shoulders.  my brain waves become frantic and congested.  

so, i cleansed and charged my stones last night..  laid in a silver tray filled with lake water, set in the rain under the full moon, beneath my favorite apple tree.  i'd never done this before, but discovered the process by simply asking the world at large.  they answered, i engaged. 

Labradorite is thought to relieve anxiety, hopelessness and depression, replacing them with self-confidence and inspiration.  dispelling negative energy it enhances clarity by improving ones cooperative abilities.  it gives perseverance, strength and intuition during times of conflict and change.

Rhodochrosite cancels depression and lightens ones mood, as well attracts love and happiness.  it is also thought to help attract ones soul mate.

Citrine gems (my birthstone) dissipate negative energy.  it promotes optimism and attracts abundance. increases intuition and the ability to adapt to the process of change.

Serafinite is thought to reinforce the communicative abilities between the physical world and the ethereal plane.  it aids in healing, weight loss and can even act as an antihistamine.

Jade promotes harmony and peace, counteracts depression and repels evil spirits.

Moss Agate, purple and green (the warriors stone) balances emotions, heals the heart and brings positive emotions.  it is also great as a gardeners stone, channeling energy to plant life, increasing prosperity as well as manifesting wealth and abundance.

Sodalite is thought to be the artists stone, promoting inspiration and creativity while providing protection, bringing inner clam and peace to the wearer.

..if this works, i'm going to expand the collection....  can't hurt.  

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