so that was it..

that was the scorpio full moon..  they happen but once a year (on a very rare occasion twice, remember much of 2008?).  every lunar cycle alters my consciousness ever so slightly.  some more than others..  and usually, what we just had culminate at 7.08 eastern time this morning, is one of the most intense lunar occurrences my frazzled mind is forced to endure.  i can't say this most recent was any different.

 "i wish we could open our eyes.. and see in all directions at the same time."

i'm not exactly sure how the night ended..  or if it ever really did.  i know the condition in which i grumbled back into consciousness; but the details preceding are hazed with bourbon dregs and flashes from an INTENSE dream cycle.  (here are all you're mistakes..  learn how to fix them or you're not going anywhere.)  but somewhere in the debauchery, i started this conversation...

i have no idea where it's going, or what the purpose is..  but it should be interesting.  the full moon fell just 2 degrees past the position held by uranus at the moment i was born.  uranus brings surprises..  one can almost always expect a surprise when the transiting moon passes your natal uranus.  (as you all giggle, i will try my damnedest to fit URANUS into this post at least a dozen more times).  my uranus, and the full moon occurred in my 11th house, affecting my worldly network/friendships/relations beyond this lowly soul.  so in fact..  it is no surprise at all that uranus has pushed me to expand my circle.  i've abandoned the fickle trenches of "internet dating" and grown to encompass a much less desperate collective.  


i've learned more about astrology and myself in the past few months engaging this blog/message board than i have been able to uncover in the past 30 years.  if anyone reading this has an interest in astrology, i would definitely recommend giving a look.  it is an amazing collection of minds from all over the world comparing ideas and helping each other grow..  in every way.

and so yeah..  cheers to uranus!!  because uranus is great..  even if grossly over extended and imposing.  i couldn't have done any of this without uranus. 


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