luna llena cometh..

it's a monday..  mid may.  full moon.  scorpionic.   i start now to profess my emotions.   i write as expression..  as a thought.  this is my mindscape............

there was a time, once, when i thought i was alone..  even surrounded by the closest commandants, i felt separate (which i suppose exudes the sentiment of commanding).   i may be singular, but i am not lonely.   the world we inhabit provides the opportunity to encounter anyone who we so well choose..  just type a topic and the most efficient librarian ever birthed (google?) shall drop a bevy of all related topics in your lap.  you can find your bee girl in the inter-webs..  this is my recollection of the process.

here, shall play stones and crystals.. planets and stars... randomness of though and the world discovered through electrons.  threads from each direction will tie into this knot.  from gathering to re-dispersal.. so is the flow of energy and life.


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