sign by element

i think of each sign allegorically:

aries: a flash fire; bright and quick..
taurus: fertile black soil; soft yet durable
gemini: a warm tropical breeze; playful and spritely
cancer: a high mountain lake; cold yet clear
leo: bonfire, like a signal light blazing through the night; massive and comanding
virgo:  millions of grains of sand; plyable, but hard to hold.
libra: the trade winds; for all that flows in one direction, thusly shall return back to the other side.
scorpio: the deepest ocean trench; concealed within the darkness hide a zillion unknown creatures.
sagittarius: soft smoldering embers; keeping everyone warm, and making sure the life of the hearth never goes out
capricorn: sedementary rock; layer upon layer as thick and hard as can be.. the structure of our earth
aquarius:  ozone; highly excitable, far above the rest.. not held down or controled by the forces of others.
pisces: the living layer of the oceans; churning with waves..

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