with the retrograde over, a lot of us are feeling the wheels begin to turn again.  all the things that have been halted and rehashed for the past few months are slowly making headway.  i think it's great!

my saturn placement is awesome (if i can brag for just a minute).  9th house libra, conjunct venus and jupiter (plus a cap asc)..  this has given me a deep sense of morality and values that i am proud of.  the world intrigues me, because the system and methodology of our culture are blatantly apparant in my eyes (and its fascinating).

i like the practicallity saturn brings to the table when venus wants to make something pretty.  i see an elegance in simple and structured beauty, and have honed my creative abilities under his watchful gaze.  form follows function in my design book, and there is an eloquence of perfectly melded style and purpose i strive for in most everything i do.

always prepared for anything, saturn has made me an eager boyscout ready to take on the whole world with all the acutriments i could ever possibly find use for.

it is like second nature, and brings me great satisfaction (jupiter), to teach and instruct (any and every subject i am fluent in).

i revel in the idea of picking apart philosophy and analyzing particulars to better understand the whole.
saturn keeps me on track, and has always taught me well.  i am grateful for him. 

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