tuesday morning WILL NOT be PRETTY

cardinal grand cross between pluto/uranus/mars/moon
(don't fuck with me and mine for the next two weeks)

mercRx opposing neptune/chiron
(hurtful lies will be told)

jupiter square sun/venus
(there is no love without demands)

but also:
jupiter trine pluto
(use the deepest sparks of your being to beef up your presence and staying power)

mercRx sextile mars trine neptune/chiron
(the tough things that need to be said, will get said if only in a subliminal way..but it will be powerfully sublime - so listen without imposition and hear the truth within yourself even if it is painful)

venus trine uranus in fire
(those demands can be fuckin hot)

by thursday, the emotional stresses will balance out as the moon joins jupiter in a sextile to sun/venus. this will be a quick second to experience something beautiful and composed. grandiose and flamboyant, yet with a stern sense of balance and equilibrium. shit will stillbe hitting the fan, but maybe it will make an interesting splatter pattern on the wall.

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