babbling bourgeois baboons

i will be the first to profess that i know jack-shite about economics. Aqua 2nd house.. completely empty ( as it has been lately, as well - AND for quite a while )
...--I'JS_tDnt'G-tIt.NOTfr.Nt-bu 'tisNON-snse..  yo... --'......

(senior year of high school i was dropped from an Advanced Placement Government course, while holding an A- average, for not paying $75 to take the college AP exam..**going to art school_they don'giv-af*ckbout.gov'ment**..from there i found myself in NYS Regents Economics . . . . . the only "D" i ever got... EVER!!)

but for all of these quables,
babbling like bourgeois baboons..

will the greater powers that be (international banks) even consider allowing the US to default on our debt?

..and YES -it is OUR DEBT!!!!!!    --i think not (hope not)

BUT here comes mercury retrograde.  getting a taste of VIRGOs qualitative comprehension for just a second before slipping back into the DESERVING attitude of loveable leo...  (wait-was that necessary? IdntNd ALL THAT STUFF!?!) Do i really understand what i just heard? -what you just told me? -what i just said? 
ummm...  Neptune is involed.   ain't no way in HELL
ALL THAT STUFF!!! will go away as jupiter turns and forgets the grandios prospective (or so my untrained eye shall hope).. for the more intimate vestages of community and subsistance.  Modern completion Without EXCESS

and through my drivel:

As the grand cross refines our constructs of societal/interpersonal relations on a constrained level, will the disolution of economic comprehansion amoungst this populous amount to an abandonment of glutony (capitalism), whence our prodigal explative nature as AMERICANos (reluctantly) resolves to our own exhausted recources and limits?

we are so reliant in this imaginary world of money...  we talk of dollar amounts in perspective to the size of buildings fallen that once represented the pinacle of such.  can you really comprehend?   does it really makes sense?

(i payed $75 for digestive aids today.. to correct the abominations that are modern antibiotics and a destroyed digestive tract ..$75 so that i may eat more happily processed foods, while a child somewhere didn't eat today at all.......)

If we really broke the system..  if our debt, and borrowing against the future doesn't pan out like WE(they)thought... 

WHEN WE HAVE TO GIVE UP the THINGs that make this life BETTER (assumptive material prospects) THAT HAVE MADE OUR SOCIETAL IDEALS THE PICTORAL IMAGE OF THE FUTURE for capitalist desires; how do we use an understanding of self/humility/family//SURVIVAL to RECONFIGURE THE PERCEPTION OF DEBT from a monetary system, to that of equalibrium and centrality?

"I raise you one figment, against your 14trillion figments.. and simultaneously call a duel of discrepancy between what i think a figment is and what you think you still have in your pocket...."

There is the potential for the complete distruction of our society purely because everyone continues to play the game out of necessity and the lack of ability to subsist otherwise.  

we buy everything from somewhere elseMost US homes live off products grown/manufactured/produced in other places.  it costs money to get those things to us, so that we may use them for the intended purpose.
but WHAT IS THIS THING CALLED MONEY? if i can't pay for what i DESIRE/NEED, how will you pay for what keeps you in service..  and the next, and beyond....  if the value i place on the amount/COST of what-ever doesn't continue to feed the flow of what he thinks it costs and how much they are willing to charge......

do you think this mercRx followed by jupRx will give us a new idea of capitalism and consumption vers. the staid aspirations of bigger is better is succesful is happier is what WE want...
..or, do you think the coming retrogrades will help shed light on the misteps we have taken by professing utter importance for materiality over home/family/love?

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