NOTE to a prospective hire

When responding electronically to a job posting, of course, one must read the entire ad and response accordingly.  BUT, there are a few tactics that I have come across that I find REALLY ANNOYING.  I will delete the response immediately, without consideration:

1)  I don't care how personable your "cut and paste" mass response file is..  if it is not written specifically for the job being offered, I can tell, and you won't be considered.

2)  DO NOT send me a link to your "video resume", website or anything else..  i'm not going to chase your credentials all over the internet.  AND, I will most likely infer that such a link be malicious and avoid it at all costs.

3)  Please refrain from excessive formating within the email.  I don't care about your pretty font, or the intricate border..  it detracts from what is really being said and makes me think you're trying to make yourself out to be more than you actually are.

4)  Use FORMAL/PROPER GRAMMAR!!!  "hey man, sup?  i need a job" is NEVER going to get you hired by anyone........

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