the outside is still..  quiet.  dreamlike.  but the further inside i go, particles are vibrating faster and faster.  spinning around each other, regrouping.. re-interpreting.

life looks the same.  but it's been torn apart at the seams..  and the last flakes of my shredded flesh are drifting off in the whirlwind;  starting to pool at the edge of a new path.  like reincarnation, the pheonix..  the seconds before new life takes flight.

i'm weeping for the pieces of me that are to be left behind.  not from sadness, but from mere separation anxiety.  even knowing they are unecassary for the future, i always cry over death...  nor do i know yet what shape the future will take.

i just know it will be better..

so i'll wimper and twitch in my chrysalis..  hiding from all those prying eyes.  healing.  until i am ready to break free.  until it's time to take the next step.

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