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A Whole Host of Self

Joe Jr's Aries Sun is in the 5th house. This is a pleasurable house, where fun and enjoyment happen, games and friendship. As it is related to Leo (which is ruled by the Sun), to have one's natal Sun placed here lends a bit of comfort. He will love to have fun, and is potentially a very creative individual. There is a love of entertainment associated with this placement. He is a showman. He will be proud of his achievements and driven towards self-expression. He will be happiest as a leader, and will revel in having an audience. To be truly happy, he must shine.

Being an Aries Sun only accentuates his need to be a leader. Being the first sign of the zodiac, an Aries loves to give that first push – to get the ball rolling. Aries are never shy, and often are pioneers breaking through uncharted territory. The ram will climb to the top of the mountain simply because he wants to be the first to see what is there.

Aries and Mars go hand in hand, and Joe Jr has his Mars almost exactly conjunct his Sun. So imagine if you will, all the energy that is an Aries Sun and multiply it by an exponential level. He will be a force to be reckoned with. He will be forceful and commanding to the point of aggressive and overpowering drive. Nothing will keep him down, and nothing will stand in his way. This could prove troublesome if he cannot learn to bridle his passions.

Of all the aspects in Joe Jr's natal chart, Sun conjunct Mars is the most powerful and exact of them all. Not only are they a already joined in with similar and paired vibrational energy, they are less than a single degree away from one another. They are also moving closer together, so the culmination of their energy is just about to happen. This is action in motion (redundancy intended). He has to move. He may never stop. He knows what he wants, and he wants to win. Sports and athletics are going to be a necessity. Martial Arts could be particularly engaging, and work well to bridle the exploding energy within him; especially at a young age. Team sports will be a great pastime for him if he can remember to be a team player as well as team captain.

Joe Jr also has Venus in Aries, just a few degrees away from his Sun/Mars, making for a stellium. The concentrated energy of a stellium is such that all individual players meld to form a new character. With Mars less than one degree ahead of the Sun, and Venus another four degrees past Mars, She is blazing the trail. There will be very little difference between his Sun and Mars (his ego and drive), and likewise they way he loves and sees beauty. Venus riding up front will give him an engaging charm that very few will be able to deny. It is often said that 5th house Suns would make great performers; with Venus here as well it is almost inevitable. He will be attracted to visual and artistic endeavors that comprise a group effort, leading said group to a cutting edge experience. Where there is a beauty in the structure of martial arts, there is also beauty in the emotion of dance. Copoeira and stunt acting come to mind.

As Venus imprints of on way he views beauty, instilling his perception with a need for elegance and appeal, she also lays her hands on the affections he will express towards other. He will love fast and strong; and when his heart is set, there will be no stopping him. His passion will start with a spark that instantly rages into an inferno.

Venus and Mars together are a blending of feminine and masculine energies. Sex and romance will be like second nature, and he will have plenty of both in his life. Partnerships and relationships will be heated and furious as they need to be passionate to keep his attention. He may in fact crave a bit of a tumultuous affair, but act in a charming manner so as not to crush his opponent. He will be charasmatic and others will feel the warmth of his glow.

Added to this mix is the minor planet Eris. In most cases asteroids and minor planets are left out of natal chart interpretation, but they add bits of nuance to a chart, especially when found in close aspect to major players in the chart. In addition to her close proximity, I have included this demigoddess in the discussion because of the mythology associated with her – She is the sister of Aries. As kin to the god of war, Eris is often seen as full of rage and sorrow. She strikes down any and all who are untrue and lie under oath. Her story is told as a vengeful plight of being the uninvited. Rejection quickly escalates to scorn and malice. Dis-invited from a wedding party, she fitfully throws an apple into the festivities marked “to the fairest”. The ensuring battle to claim the most beautiful maiden was said to be the cause of the Trojan war.

With all of his power and force, Joe Jr will be fully capable of vengeful acts. Though they are not likely to manifest, the spark will be Eris. He needs to be included, and rejection will very likely bring about a want for retaliation. This is an energy he will need to learn how to control. Having compassion will be the key to keeping vengeance at bay.

There are few aspects formed with this collection of heavenly bodies, and each of them stems off Venus. They are not tight aspects, meaning the power they exhibit will not be as strong, but they are worth mentioning none the less because of the other players involved and the types of energy manifested. Primarily, there is an opposition with Saturn and a sextile with Neptune. Saturn and Venus energy is difficult to mesh in any circumstance, but with an opposition they simply do not understand one and other. Joey may have trouble aligning what he wants from love and beauty, and what he needs from love and beauty. On the other hand, Neptune may keep him mystified in love well enough not to notice a difference. The fact that Saturn is in retrograde motion disrupting his energy may aid in the illusion as well. But the one aspect formed that is almost exact is a semi-square with Jupiter. Though the semi-square is not as powerful an aspect as the conjunction, trine, or square; not really even as powerful as the sextile; the fact that this aspect is formed within only several minutes may lend it a more poignant notion. Like the square, the semi-square is an energy that is not fully compatible. It isn't detrimental as can be a square, but it is none the less confused. Since Jupiter is the expansion tool of the solar system, Joey's already radiating personality and forceful lust for life may be overwhelming for a good number of people. But his expression is his love, and with Jupiter tied to the Moon, it won't matter if he scares away some or a few; he cannot be contained. He will have to learn to understand aversion and accept rejection. 

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