sex with strangers

it is inordinately inappropriate to my stuck up virgo moon and staunchly decorum laden venu/saturn conjunction in libra, the sheer number of lascivious propositions I get from strangers on the internet wanting to fuck.

  ..i'm sorry, do i know you?  do you have face, or just genetalia?

i mean, i AM a scorp..  so yeah, i dig hot and sweaty..  i truly love good sex.  i need passion.....  but with a completely random stranger?  i did that shit in my 20's for the thrill of promescuity, but even then, i always felt bad about it after the fact. and with saturn in scorp, i just can stomach the idea...  the "ring leader" is watching.  i can't play that way anymore.  saturn don't play that way either..  you step out of bounds and there will be a penalty, and in this game the penalty is an STD. 

  "..hey man, wanna fool around?  here's my number _____________"



and it's so common..  maybe not in the general population, but in gayland..  holy crap, these bitches be slutin' like the use by date be about to clock.

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  1. read about this on your post in elsaelsa and i can totally relate