did you not know that scorpio is a shape shifter?  we are the scorpion, the eagle, the wolf and phoenix all at the same time....  we change our skin to become which ever creature gives us the best vantage.........

scorpion to lurk in the darkness
eagle to soar above the masses
wolf to run with all the beasts of the land
and phoenix to venture to and fro the afterlife

don't dog us down because we are inexplicable.  don't presuppose anything about a scorpio either, because i will tell you flat out YOU'RE WRONG...  don't think that you know us.  don't think you can anticipate our next move.  without a shroud of mystery, we couldn't slip so easily into the depths to life YOU up......

a scorpios self preservation is one thing..  but has anyone ever noticed that we work just as hard to preserve all those around us as well?  we can't survive without the community, even as we stand off to the side and watch separately.  i don't have to stand in the middle of your world to be a part of it.  you are my world.

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